Jul. 20th, 2011

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Yay going to Portland means I got books read!

Book #7 Eon by Alison Goodman - Continuing my love of young adult fantasy novels and my love of girls disguising themselves as boys, I picked this one up at Borders months ago, but only started reading it on the flight out to Portland. Finished it in a day, it was that good. It's very Chinese myth-inspired, but the author has really made the world her own and not just "fantasy China". It's a fascinating story, and the main character is very gripping. She makes many mistakes, all while trying to do what she thinks will help, only to have things go more and more awry. I picked up the sequel at Powell's and am looking forward to how this all turns out.

Book #8 - Family Ties & Torn Skies by various authors, including myself - Well, I figured since I've been doing so much shameless self promotion for this, I should read the whole thing myself. I'd read most of the stories on the Torn World site, but it was neat to read them all in a bunch. As with any anthology there are some stories that are stronger than others, but overall it was very good. And I gained a bit more appreciation for the Northerner culture, which thus far hadn't really grabbed me. I still prefer the Empire, but that's a personal thing. It's also kicked back my desire to write more, which is always a good thing.

Normally I don't cross post these, but I'm going to do so for this one because of my review of Family Ties & Torn Skies. If any LJ-folk wanna see what else I've read this year, hop on over to my Dreamwidth and follow the 'read in 2011' tag.


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