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Hey awesome Yuletide Writer!

Sorry this letter wasn't done by assignments, but I'm working on it now, so that still counts right? Anyway, thank you for writing me a fic, which I am sure is going to be wonderful!

What I like/don't like in fic is usually dependent on the fandom, so I have very few general requests. About the only hard NO I have, is I can not deal with characters being burned alive. I don't *think* it's the sort of thing likely to come up in anything I'm requesting, but there it is.

Flight Rising

I love this game dearly - warts and all - mostly because the lore is great. I know it sucks when recipients say they want anything, but... I really kinda will be happy with almost anything.

Except maybe plot-what-plot graphic dragon sex. Not really my thing.

I didn't pick characters for this because I'd be happy with any you want to write. Any of the dragon gods would be awesome together or separately. I'm intrigued by the Plaguebringer and Gladekeeper rivalry, so something between them or the clans under them would be interesting. Or dragons looking for hugs from Icewarden (and failing to get them, since he hates everyone equally). Or Arcanist mucking something up (again). Or even just everyday dragons trying to survive in this awesome world.

Have fun with it!

Romeo et Juliette - Presgurvic

I asked for Benvolio fic last year and was blessed with some very good fic. That said, I always want more. I hateship Tybalt/Benvolio, but don't feel obligated to write that.

First things first. I am most familiar with the Takarazuka productions of this musical, and my love of Tybalt/Benvolio hateship comes primarily from the 2010 Star troupe production, and the interactions there. I'd love to see some pre-musical hatred between them that nonetheless has that undercurrent of sexual tension. I'd not mind it breaking out into actual hatesex either, but only if you feel comfortable writing that.

Otherwise, anything with Benvolio is good. I got some wonderful angsty fic last year, so it might be interesting to see something a little happier. Perhaps pre-musical bro-times with Romeo and Mercutio? Or anything really. Benvolio fic will always make me happy.

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey

Pern was one of my first fandoms, and while I've become less enamored of the books over time, I still love the world. I'm not requesting any specific characters because really as long as there are dragons and riders and such I'll be happy.

One of the things that has always intrigued me and that I don't think gets enough play in either canon or a lot of the fandom is the effect of Impression, and riders sharing their minds with what are essentially alien creatures. I know a lot of the fandom finds how mating flights work to be exceptionally squicky, but I'm kinda fascinated by the idea of riders and Weyr culture having to adapt to the fact that sometimes the dragons do just take over their riders, and if they want more dragon to fight Thread, they have to essentially put up with it. And the dragons not understanding how anything is wrong because ~alien mindset~

I realize that might be really outside your comfort zone, dear writer, so other options - I'd love to see siblings or even lovers where one Impresses a dragon and the other doesn't, and how that changes their relationship. Or a young rider and dragon learning to get a long. Or anything in that vein.

Nobilis - R. Sean Borgstrom

Nobilis is an amazingly beautiful game in all its incarnations with an almost overwhelming number of possibilities. I hope to narrow down some of what I'd like to see in my letter, but please, if you're matched on this, feel free to write the story that calls to you.

And while I love Borgstrom's writing style, please, please don't feel like you need to try to imitate it.

I love the concepts of Nobilis, and I'd love to see anything dealing with the Powers and how they carry out their duties. Both 2nd and 3rd editions of the game have these wonderful bits of microfiction on the margins, and I would love, love, love to see a fic that fleshed any of them out. I'm also fascinated by Lord Entropy and how he's a huge ass, but he's the only hope for winning the war. If he doesn't betray everyone first. Don't feel like you have to include him though, any sort of Nobilis fic will be wonderful.
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