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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all thank you very much for writing me what I am sure will be a lovely fic this year!

Some general things I like - Female characters being awesome, femslash, female friendships, strong non-romantic friendships of all sorts, romance that grows out of friendship, people dealing with complex feelings, non-human mindsets, moderate angst, adventure, and/or pure character fluff.

Things I don't like - Plot-what-plot sex, sexual violence, gore, torture, downer endings (I want there to be at least a little hope), Mundane AUs.

For each of my fandoms, I've listed some possible prompts, but don't feel restricted to them if you get a great idea of your own.

Thank you again!

Gentleman Bastards Sequence - Scott Lynch
Sabetha Belacoros

I've always found Sabetha one of the most intriguing characters of the series and would love more of her. Since the books are primarily from Locke & Jean's perspectives, we only really see her through their eyes. I know there's a section of the fandom that sees Sabetha as a bitch, or manipulative, especially where her relationship with Locke is concerned. I do not agree with that interpretation of her character - she can be bitchy and manipulative yes, but I don't see that as a core aspect of her character, and would prefer if she wasn't written that way.
Possible prompts:
-Sabetha's experiences growing up surrounded by all of the boys and/or training with Chains.
-Internships/training she went through while growing up
-Anything set during her five years in the Kingdom of the Merrows.
-What she was doing during the 5-year game in Karthain, especially while Locke & Jean were escaping from the ship

Velveteen vs. - Seanan McGuire
Velma "Velveteen" Martinez, Yelena "Sparkle Bright"

One of my favorite things about this series is the deep friendship between Vel and Yelena, even after Marketing worked so hard to push them apart. While I don't mind fic that tests their friendship, I don't want to see them pulled apart.
Possible prompts:
-Vel & Yelena fighting supervillians with the Junior Super Patriots
-Them learning to deal with/work around Marketing
-Girl bonding of any sort, either as kids or in Portland.
-AU where Vel returns Yelena's feelings?

October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire
Tybalt (Toby Daye)

While I'm not adverse to Toby/Tybalt fic, I'd really really love to see some more of Tybalt's life prior to his relationship with Toby.
Possible prompts:
-Why and when did he choose to leave London?
-Did he have a Court when he first came to the USA? How'd he establish it? Did he find unoccupied territory, or did he have to fight for it?
-Anything involving his relationship with the human woman he mentions in Ashes of Honor.
-Something about his first meeting with Toby, pre-fishpond.

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey

I'm really interesting in the bond between dragon and rider. Dragons are alien creatures after all, even if their genetics were messed with by humans. Thus I'd love to see fic that deals with dragons and their riders having to come to terms with their different thought processes and priorities. I will admit, I'd love to see something in the aftermath of a mating flight, with a dragon who can't understand why their rider is so uncomfortable with having been overwhelmed by the dragon's emotion, but I realize that can be squicky territory for some.
Possible prompts:
-An ambitious green/blue/brownrider and a dragon comfortable with his/her place in hierarchy
-A dragon who disapproves of their rider's actions/choice of mate or vice versus.
-A weyrling and dragon who bicker constantly but manage to finally pull through when it matters most
Feel free to use canon characters or OCs!


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