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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Please forgive me for leaving this a placeholder for so long >.< I am not sure where October went. Or the beginning of November. That said, thank you for writing what I am sure will be an awesome fic for me!

Some general things I like - I'm a huge fan of female characters in general, especially as main, active characters in a story. I love relationships between female characters, both romantic and non. I like introspective character type pieces, especially those involving characters trying to deal with difficult feelings. I also like fun, fluffy adventure stories.

Things I dislike - Sex without plot, heavy angst, sexual violence, gore, depressing ending (I prefer there to be at least a little hope), major character death, A/B/O AUs.

Now, onto the fandom-specific stuff

Velveteen - Seanan McGuire
Any Character
I'm especially fond of the relationship between Yelena & Velma, both as children and when they reunite as adults. But really I just love how all these characters interrelate, so fic that explores their relationships is always good. More details and prompt ideas in my letter.

I really, really love the Velveteen stories, and especially Vel's character development as the stories have progressed. My favorite thing has always been the relationship between Vel and Yelena, and I'd love to see any sort of fic exploring that. Maybe some of their adventures/missions when they were both Junior Super Patriots? I would also not say no to an AU where Vel realizes she does return Yelena's feelings. I'm a sucker for femslash. Which means I'd also love anything with Yelena and Victoria too. Or even just something that delved into Victoria's past. She seems like a really interesting character, and I'd love to hear more about her.

October Daye - Seanan McGuire
Tybalt is honestly my favorite character in the series, so anything featuring him would be lovely. I've more prompt-type things in my letter.

Tybalt is amazing, and anything with him and Toby would be wonderful. But I'm also very interested in Tybalt on his own. I'd really be excited by fic that explored his past, especially anything after he's come to the San Francisco area, as that's stuff that's not really been touched in canon yet. I also really like his relationship with Raj, and something exploring that might be fun. It's rare for me to fall in love with a male character like I have with Tybalt, so I really do mean it when I say anything with him would be awesome!

Rat Queens
Any Character
I love this comic so much, and I love all the characters. My favorites are Betty and Violet, so stuff about one or both of them would be awesome. But if you have a super great idea for anyone, I'm sure I'll love it. More prompt-type things in my letter.

Like I said in my prompt, Betty and Violet are my favorites of the main characters, but I think everything about this world is awesome, both where it's poking fun at the D&D-ish tropes and where it's playing them straight. One thing though - I know one of Betty's things is that she's almost always experimenting with various drugs and I know that's a major part of her character, but drug use tends to make me a bit uncomfortable, so if that could be downplayed or glossed over, that'd be lovely. Mostly I'd just really like to hear more fun adventures, either with the main four or maybe some of the other adventurers we encounter.

I am only reading the series via the graphic novels, so I would appreciate not being spoiled for anything after issue #10.

Thank you awesome writer!
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