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I'd almost forgotten I was going to do [ profile] artslam until a couple of people made posts about it. Thank you!

Anyway, my intro + first day's work is posted over there, please feel free to take a look:

Feel free to leave me comments there or here.

And, because I had free time at work I drew this:

Ray and his firelizard by ~palmedfire on deviantART

See, I play Ray from Silver Wolf at this fab RP called [ profile] adstringendum, where he's recently gotten himself Impressed to a Pernese firelizard (brown, if you're curious). And I just had to draw that. I think it came out okay.
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So just got home from celebrating Independence Day the way our founding fathers would have - by buying books! Seriously, [personal profile] everchangingmuse and I trekked over the mountain to the Green Valley Book Fair, where once again we both managed to bring home tons of books for (relatively) little money. Here's what I scored (All prices US dollars):

Title Cover Price What I Paid
The Book of the Samurai
$9.00 $3.00
Sputnik Sweetheart $14.00 $3.50
Wizard's Holiday $6.95 $2.50
Wizards at War $6.95 $2.50
Fantasy Characters
$9.99 $4.00
Mythical Monsters
$9.99 $4.00
Not Another Teen
Knitting Book
$14.95 $4.00

Total I would have paid in a normal bookstore: $71.83 + tax
Total I did pay today: $23.50 + tax

I love the Green Valley Book Fair.
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Well, it's Friday, and since I don't work Fridays, I'm hoping I can get some stuff done. Though one of the major things I plan on doing today is finally let myself feel sick. I've been pushing through this cold all week to make it through work and such. Today I shall rest and drink lots of fluids and eat soups and stuff and hope I can get over it. Might even take a nap!

Other things I plan to do today:

Work on my story for Torn World with Lei and Dlashi. I'd like to get at least the rough draft finished, since I know I'm going to have to overhaul the beginning now that I have a better feel for the interactions between these two characters.

Sketch Fest! - Gonna indulge in some drawing. Probably going to be sketching horse-type critters, kelpies and such, but if you have ideas, feel free to prompt me either on this post or over at the Sketch Fest post, which I'll link once it goes up.

Hrmm. I had though there was more I was gonna do today, but it's slipped my mind. The story and the sketching should be enough though, right?
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Hey look, I went and got creative! Elisabeth fan art ahoy!


Luigi Lucheni



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