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Well, ages ago I made a comic book parody of Elisabeth.

And since I got it, I've been wanting to give Romeo et Juliette the same treatment. And thus I have. It's slow going because I'm busy with RP these days (why oh why did I think I could handle five characters?) But have the first three pages:

Rather large images here, sorry! )
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Well, this is one of the jokes I've been meaning to make up since I got Soragumi's Elisabeth

Comic Life + Takarazuka = a match made in heaven )

The only other joke I have left to make a panel for is from Hoshigumi, and I still don't have that on DVD. *sad face*
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So I accidentally deleted pages 11-15 of my comic, and had to recreate them. Fortunatly I had the copies I'd uploaded, but I did remake them and revise some wording. So here y'go.

Comic Life Elisabeth, Part 4, REVISED )
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Edit-Accidentally deleted these pages. Revised them and reuploaded. See new entry.

Okay, this is the last part I'll be able to post without making more screencaps. So as much as I know y'all love these, I warn I might not be able to get a new section up until Monday or so. Content yourself with -

Comic Life Elisabeth, part 4 Language warning, large images )
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Yea, didn't get much novel writing done last night, can you tell? But I do has more Elisabeth

Pages 11-15 Still huge images, still has language warning )
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Well, since y'all asked so nicely, have more Comic Life!Elisabeth

Pages 6-10 Large Images, language warning )
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Well, instead of working on my novel last night, I started a project that's been bouncing around in my head for a bit. Thus, I present to you Elisabeth, a parody comic

At least the first five pages - Warning, LARGE images )

Obligitory disclaimer, I own nothing etc, etc. Screencaps are from my DVD of the Tokyo production of Tsukigumi's 2005 production. Also, credit to [personal profile] everchangingmuse for inspiration/help with dialog.


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