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I did not go to bed until midnight last night. And yet I woke up at 7:30am. I do not approve of this :(

In other news, I was very excited yesterday, as I was supposed to go down to the Culpeper library and play Mouse Guard. I love RPGs, and haven't had a chance to play since... well, high school if you don't count the crappy D&D campaigns in college (I don't). I'd been looking forward to this all month! But yesterday I went at the time they said, to the place they said, and no one was there. I waited, understanding that sometimes people run late. Fifteen minutes. Thirty minutes. An hour... No one showed up.

I am still very upset about this.

I think there is a universal conspiracy against me ever getting to throw dice again. This makes me very sad. I want to game, but it's nearly impossible to find campaigns in this area that are a> Don't require me to drive an hour to get to, B> Are accepting new players, and C> Aren't D&D.

Nothing against D&D in general, I just had bad experiences with it in college, and while I do wish to play it, I only want to play with a known group please. And really, what I want to play are smaller games. Mouse Guard. Dogs in the Vineyard. Houses of the Blooded. Or Changeling the Lost.

But I suppose this is another issue with living out in the middle of fucking nowhere...


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