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Nov. 30th, 2010 08:48 am
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With only minor cheesing to fill out my word count when the story ended shy of 50k, I seem to have won NaNoWriMo at 8:30am, November 30! Please to be admiring my wordcount bar:

50319 / 50000

Isn't it pretty? I am so damn proud of myself. I've been doing NaNo since 2003 and the closest I've ever come before was ~20k. But I stuck with it this year, dragged those words out of my brain and hit 50k. The story as it stands right now sucks. It needs massive rewriting before I even think of posting it anywhere, but I am shoving it away on my computer's hard drive and leaving it alone for at least a month. I think I've earned the break.

Besides, I have my Yuletide story and my Advent Calender fics to write in December. psst - still a lot of dates available on the Advent Calender. Anyone want me to write them fic?

I shall be over here, basking in my accomplishment.
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Okay, so I've been a bad girl and forgotten to make a word count post the past few days. Partially because I fell a bit behind on Wednesday and Thursday, but I'm now back on track! Some scenes in my outline have shifted around, and there's one whole scene that I made a largish false start on that I then had to rewrite. Not deleting anything I wrote mind you. I wrote it, it totally counts for wordcount purposes. But I had to restart or I couldn't really continue. So goes. It's interesting. The character I thought was going to be a jackass is turning out to be less of one, and a minor character who'd just been a name + dragon (dragon's name is Mirioth for the, like two of you keeping track of the 'siennes I've used ;) ) has turned into quite a major jerk in my MC's life. I've managed to get a teensy bit ahead due to the write in I attended tonight, though I worry that tiny lead is going to get wiped out by going to AUSA tomorrow. But I am bringing my laptop, so there will be at least a little writing happening!

20248 / 50000
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8799 / 50000

Still chugging along. Don't feel like commenting too much on that tonight.
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4245 / 50000

Still clipping along at a nice pace. Slightly ahead of where I need to be. I think my MC's friendship with the boy she's going to be best friends with has developed a bit too fast, but I can fix that in editing. Go me!
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1728 / 50000

Not the strongest start, but not bad. I've hit my goal for the day and the writing is going along actually quite well. My characters, especially T'shay who is my viewpoint character in the first scene has been reacting to things not exactly as I'd expected, but in perfectly characteristic ways. My main character has had a slight name shift, and is far more sulky than I'd initially anticipated, but she is a teenage girl getting packed up and kicked out of home, so it fits.

In general? I'm pretty darn happy so far. We'll see how the rest of the month holds up.


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