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For those who aren't aware, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is possibly the greatest kids cartoon ever. No. Really. I mean it. The storytelling's actually pretty nuanced, and despite (or perhaps because) it's flash animated, it has a great visual look to it.

I mean seriously, aren't these the cutest things ever:

The ponies are also in a very imitable art style. And thus, being the type of person I am (read: rabid Takarazuka fangirl), I have been turning 'Zuka characters into ponies.

Cut for image dumpings )
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Well hello there, wonderful Yuletide Writer (and anyone else popping in to read my letter)!

First off, thank you. And no matter what, try not to stress about any of my requests, Yuletide is supposed to be fun! So since I suck at intro-type things, I'll just jump in to talking about my requests:

1. Elisabeth - Levay/Kunze Elisabeth, Rudolf
Really interested in anything dealing with the relationship between Elisabeth and Rudolf.

I'd really like to see something delving into the relationship between Rudolf and his mother, really at any point in their lives. We know Rudolf idolized his mother, but I'd love to see something digging in to his head on how that idolization affects his interactions, both with her and with other women in his life. Alternately, Elisabeth's thoughts on her son - yes, she was quite the absent mother, but she had to have had some interaction with him other than the few times mentioned/seen. Historically she hated Rudolf's wife - why? Did she have hopes and dreams for her only son or what he just another chain holding her down? And then there's the shadow of Der Tod's interest in both of them hanging over everything...

My only request is nothing too incest-y. Rudolf does seem to have a bit of an Oedipus complex in some versions, but I'd prefer it kept on the "Mom is the perfect woman" level rather than anything sexual.

Version-wise, I've only seen the Takarazuka versons (all seven ;)) but don't let that limit you. For reference, my favorite Elisabeths have been Shirahane Yuri, Hanafusa Mari (in '96 Yukigumi production, I'm not as bit a fan of her performance in the '98 Soragumi production), and Sena Jun. Favorite Rudolfs have been Ouki Kaname, Asami Hikaru, and Oozora Yuuhi. But again, don't let that limit you.

2. Takarazuka Revue RPF - Otozuki Kei, Shirahane Yuri
I love these two classmates, and have wonderful mental ideas of them being quite fun and silly with each other. Appearances by other Yukigumi folk are always welcome.

I'll be fair, I really, really wish you could pick a whole troupe as a character, because Yukigumi really owns my heart. So if you've offered any and want to ignore my character request to write about any of the Yukigumi 'siennes, please feel free! I love them all, but I'm most familiar with the troupe starting in roughly 2006 through the present.

Regarding Kimu & Tonami, I love them both, and would love to see a good friendship fic, maybe dealing with sillyness at rehersals? I can see Tonami as trying to be somewhat of a restraining influence on Kimu's crazyness or something like that. Or maybe in TMS together? Or really whatever as long as it's friendship-y and fun. Maybe some friendly teasing flirting, but nothing shippy please.

3. Robot Unicorn Attack - Any
Tongue-in-cheek existential angst please! Why must the unicorn run? Who create him (or her?)? Are the Fairies really there to help? And who put the damn stars in his/her path?

If you've been reading this letter confused as to what I'm talking about, you probably got matched here ;) I really have no further details than what I put in my sign up, because just the existence of Robot Unicorn Attack fic is going to make me happy. I'd like to be at least a little tongue in cheek because I'm not sure I could wrap my brain around a completely serious RUA fic, but feel free to prove me wrong!
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*sigh* As if work stress needed to get any worse, my hours have been cut down to 16. 16 hours a week at $12.50. I'll pull in a net salary of $200 a week. I can't do that. I can't live on that.

I understand why my hours were cut. I'm not mad per se, just so very very frustrated.

Also, they want me to bring in more massage patients, and schedual them in the afternoons. The good thing is, I'd make more money per hour doing massage. Bad news? How the hell does one find clients? I suck at marketing, and I don't live near the office (I'm commuting an hour each way), so it's not like I know local folk. And because I live so far away, I'm not going to want to have to hang around in the area for say a 4pm massage when I get done with other work at 1pm.

I can't do this. I need another job.

In better news, I finally got mediafire to work, so if anyone's curious as to how my Elisabeth compolation CD turned out, you can download it HERE
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- Put your music player on shuffle, and put down the first 40 tracks it plays.
- You can repeat artists.
- You CANNOT repeat songs.

Music Meme )
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So, I've now seen all seven Takarazuka productions of Elisabeth. This means I can make my favorites lists without worrying that I'll have to change things 'round when I see a new version. Unless they stage it again in 2011. Which I'm secretly hoping for, especially if it would mean a Chie!Tod.

Anyway, lists. These are lists of favorites, in order. Granted, I love all the Elisabeths, so being at the bottom or near the bottom of any of these lists does not indicate I do not like something/someone. Just that I like others better.

Good gods woman, stop chattering and give us the damn lists! )
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So, saw '96 Snow's Elisabeth tonight.

Maki is amazing. I must see more of her shows now!

Damn it [livejournal.com profile] wottie, you were right. O-Hana is amazing in this. Far, far better than she is in '98. She doesn't leak as much. And amazing acting. Still like Tonami better vocally though.

I loved this show far more than I thought I would. I mean, I knew I'd love it, it's Elisabeth. I was not, however, prepared for how Maki would grab my soul and not let go for the entire performance. Seriously. I... don't really have words for it.

And Yuki... Why do actual men not look like you?

Just some incoherent ramblings... I might put my thoughts in better order later. Probably not.
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Well, I've had a fab first Yuletide! I highly recomend it to all of you on my flists here and at LJ if you didn't do it this year. Because I know we all have small fandoms that are near and dear to our hearts that we want fanfic for!

I've in no way gotten through all of the archives, but here are my recs so far. Fandoms are Tanya Huff - Valor Series, Metalocalypse/Revolutionary Girl Utena, Elisabeth, Old Kingdom, Takarazuka Revue RPF, Order of the Stick, Dragonriders of Pern, & D.E.B.S. )
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Well, this is one of the jokes I've been meaning to make up since I got Soragumi's Elisabeth

Comic Life + Takarazuka = a match made in heaven )

The only other joke I have left to make a panel for is from Hoshigumi, and I still don't have that on DVD. *sad face*
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Hey look, I went and got creative! Elisabeth fan art ahoy!


Luigi Lucheni

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So I accidentally deleted pages 11-15 of my comic, and had to recreate them. Fortunatly I had the copies I'd uploaded, but I did remake them and revise some wording. So here y'go.

Comic Life Elisabeth, Part 4, REVISED )
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Edit-Accidentally deleted these pages. Revised them and reuploaded. See new entry.

Okay, this is the last part I'll be able to post without making more screencaps. So as much as I know y'all love these, I warn I might not be able to get a new section up until Monday or so. Content yourself with -

Comic Life Elisabeth, part 4 Language warning, large images )
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Yea, didn't get much novel writing done last night, can you tell? But I do has more Elisabeth

Pages 11-15 Still huge images, still has language warning )
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Well, since y'all asked so nicely, have more Comic Life!Elisabeth

Pages 6-10 Large Images, language warning )
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Well, instead of working on my novel last night, I started a project that's been bouncing around in my head for a bit. Thus, I present to you Elisabeth, a parody comic

At least the first five pages - Warning, LARGE images )

Obligitory disclaimer, I own nothing etc, etc. Screencaps are from my DVD of the Tokyo production of Tsukigumi's 2005 production. Also, credit to [personal profile] everchangingmuse for inspiration/help with dialog.


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