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Okay, so I've been a bad girl and forgotten to make a word count post the past few days. Partially because I fell a bit behind on Wednesday and Thursday, but I'm now back on track! Some scenes in my outline have shifted around, and there's one whole scene that I made a largish false start on that I then had to rewrite. Not deleting anything I wrote mind you. I wrote it, it totally counts for wordcount purposes. But I had to restart or I couldn't really continue. So goes. It's interesting. The character I thought was going to be a jackass is turning out to be less of one, and a minor character who'd just been a name + dragon (dragon's name is Mirioth for the, like two of you keeping track of the 'siennes I've used ;) ) has turned into quite a major jerk in my MC's life. I've managed to get a teensy bit ahead due to the write in I attended tonight, though I worry that tiny lead is going to get wiped out by going to AUSA tomorrow. But I am bringing my laptop, so there will be at least a little writing happening!

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Today was one of those 'pulling teeth to write' days. Only got about 500 words before I had to leave for work, and got no writing done there. And then it's just been painful getting my brain to focus on story. It keeps wanting to do... anything else. But I made my count for the day damn it, even if I'm pretty sure this is one of the scenes I'm going to have to rewrite from the ground up -.-
Ah well, goal is to write a novel, not a good novel, right? I can edit later.

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10466 / 50000

Still on track. Decided to watch Zorro instead of getting ahead on my word count, but the first really big important scene is done - the scene where my MC Impresses her dragons and throws everything in to chaos. Next few scenes are going to be fun in the 'dropping mountains on people' version of fun.

Only worry is that tomorrow is the day I work Noon-6pm which has been prime writing hours. Then again, daylight savings time ends tonight (Turn your clocks back!) so I might have a client no-show due to the time thing. We'll see.
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Still chugging along. Don't feel like commenting too much on that tonight.
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Okay, was really tired last night when I got home so I didn't post word count last night. So here is plus the few words I've managed to write this morning:

The green squares are days I made count, yellow for the day I just barely made count, and red for days I didn't make count. Right now today is red, but I hope to fix that. There's local write-in tonight that i'm going to. HOpe that will be good for productivity. That and the fact that I'm coming to the end of my first chapter and the second chapter starts with a Very Big scene.

If anyone is wondering, I will not be posting my novel, despite it's fanfic-ness anywhere until it's done and I've had a chance to make at least one editing pass. I'm also looking for some beta readers, as I am often blind to my own mistakes. Familiarity with Anne McCaffrey's Pern not strictly required, though I am trying to find at least one beta who is familiar with the world.
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Still doing good. Made today's minimum barely, but that's 'cause I lost time to syncing my Neo with my computer. Also lost time to discovering the wonders of Scrivner. Seriously, this program is amazingly useful. I'm hoping I win so I can buy it for the 50% off, because I can totally see how it'd be super useful in the planning stages as well.
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Still clipping along at a nice pace. Slightly ahead of where I need to be. I think my MC's friendship with the boy she's going to be best friends with has developed a bit too fast, but I can fix that in editing. Go me!
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1728 / 50000

Not the strongest start, but not bad. I've hit my goal for the day and the writing is going along actually quite well. My characters, especially T'shay who is my viewpoint character in the first scene has been reacting to things not exactly as I'd expected, but in perfectly characteristic ways. My main character has had a slight name shift, and is far more sulky than I'd initially anticipated, but she is a teenage girl getting packed up and kicked out of home, so it fits.

In general? I'm pretty darn happy so far. We'll see how the rest of the month holds up.
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Well, I've had a fab first Yuletide! I highly recomend it to all of you on my flists here and at LJ if you didn't do it this year. Because I know we all have small fandoms that are near and dear to our hearts that we want fanfic for!

I've in no way gotten through all of the archives, but here are my recs so far. Fandoms are Tanya Huff - Valor Series, Metalocalypse/Revolutionary Girl Utena, Elisabeth, Old Kingdom, Takarazuka Revue RPF, Order of the Stick, Dragonriders of Pern, & D.E.B.S. )


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