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Mizu is retiring.

This is not unexpected.

I am... sad yes, but not upset the way a lot of people are. Despite that fact that she was the first Takarazuka star I fell in love with, I'm not upset. She had a good run as top star from what I can tell, and I am very interested to see what she does in her post-Zuka career.

I do not get that upset when I find out a star, or any 'sienne is retiring. Which is apparently not typical for a Zuka fan. I know part of this for me is distance. I'm not in Japan. I don't get to go to the shows, don't even get to see the shows until months after they've closed, if at all. I'm not heavily into the fandom. I don't have the emotional investment a lot of fans do.

And part of it, I know is my background. I grew up backstage at Broadway shows. I know better than many exactly how demanding and rigorous even relatively minor roles can be. Most Broadway stars, especially women don't stay with a show for very long. Too vocally demanding. I'm use to seeing stars come and go. It is an accepted part of theatre for me. So when a Zuka star retires, I may be sad, but it's hard to be upset. It's what happens.

Please don't think I'm trying to belittle those who are emotionally invested, who do get upset when retirements are announced. I'm just trying to figure out why I don't. Part of me wishes I did.


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