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Well, ages ago I made a comic book parody of Elisabeth.

And since I got it, I've been wanting to give Romeo et Juliette the same treatment. And thus I have. It's slow going because I'm busy with RP these days (why oh why did I think I could handle five characters?) But have the first three pages:

Rather large images here, sorry! )
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The weather is beautiful out today. Maybe a little overcast, but without the damned oppressive humidity we've had this past week. I've got all the windows and the patio door open. Probably annoying neighbors with my epic RomiJuli playlist.

Speaking of RomiJuli, I have decided that this man is my husband and should be the father of my children:

I have no logical reason for this, except he's gorgeous and i love his voice. And [personal profile] everchangingmuse approves, so... Now I just need to learn French ;)

In other news, I've discovered a love for men's ribbed tank tops (aka 'wifebeaters'). They're perfect for wearing under my work shirts and for lazing about the house in. Like I'm doing right now. They're also good for wearing while working out. Which is good, because I really am trying to exercise more/get in shape. My parents bought me a Wii Fit for my birthday. My birthday's actually tomorrow, but I opened it today anyway and hooked it up and everything. It's actually quite fun, though my balance sucks, which I knew, and my rhythm is all over the place. So there are a lot of games that are more frustrating than they've worth. But I like the running, strangely enough, and the biking. It's fun, and hopefully it'll help. Even if it did make my mii all chubby :( :(

Well, I've got friends coming up tonight for birthday-weekend fun, so I've got chili in the slow-cooker and I'll get some beer bread in the oven in a bit. I hope this weekend will be as much fun as it looks to be!
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What, you thought I was done with the pony pictures? Ha! I have some more to subject you to!

But I will nicely put them under a cut in case you are offended by cute )

There will be a Mercutio pony eventually, but I need to find a better reference image for the pose I have in mind.


Feb. 26th, 2011 09:33 pm
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For those who aren't aware, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is possibly the greatest kids cartoon ever. No. Really. I mean it. The storytelling's actually pretty nuanced, and despite (or perhaps because) it's flash animated, it has a great visual look to it.

I mean seriously, aren't these the cutest things ever:

The ponies are also in a very imitable art style. And thus, being the type of person I am (read: rabid Takarazuka fangirl), I have been turning 'Zuka characters into ponies.

Cut for image dumpings )
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So I decided that due to my obsession/fascination with the musical version, I felt a need to reread Romeo & Juliet.

Now in the interest of being upfront and honest about such things, I am forced to admit that R&J has long been one of my least favorite of Shakespeare's plays. Even above and beyond the fact that I generally prefer his comedies to his tragedies, R&J has long struck me as less a 'timeless, epic tale of tragic love' and more a 'misguided lust makes teenagers do stupid shit' story. But I so completely buy Hoshigumi's version of the musical I thought it was only fair to give the original source another shot.

General verdict is, no, I still dislike it greatly. Romeo especially reads as being motivated more by lust and overly romantic ideals of perfect love rather than genuine love for Juliet. There's nothing really different in how he talks about Juliet than in how he talked about Rosaline at the beginning of the play, except in the fact that she returns his affections. If the duel with Tybalt hadn't happened, I wonder if Romeo wouldn't have found his eye wandering once the initial rush of "ZOMG Twu Luv!" wore off.

Juliet's love for Romeo I believe slightly more, if only because she's far more level-headed about it. I mean granted, she does do the whole "fake her death" thing, but that's because she doesn't want to break her marriage vows. Despite her nurse being all like "Oh Paris is such a better catch anyway" >.< And I realize it's Values Dissonance, but the fact that Juliet's only thirteen really squicks me.

I think, when it comes down to it, R&J just isn't a story I can buy into on paper. Even most stage and screen productions leave me sort of flat. Ah well, I suppose I'm just not much of a romantic at heart


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