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Two pieces of background information before I launch into this story. First, I frequent the forums at I enjoy skimming them to look for interesting information about various tabletop RPGs, see if anyone is selling/trading any interesting books, and occasionally to scan the Tangency subforum for interesting news. I have a high, high opinion of the moderation done there, though there is still a lot of the usual internet nastiness, they try very hard to keep it under control.

Second, I am a big fan of Kickstarter, which is essentially a crowdfunding method for, well, any sort of project one might wish to raise money for. I've backed roughly a dozen RPG-related projects so far, and been really pleased with the whole experience. No money is taken until the funding drive is over and then only if the project has met or exceeded its goal.

So, background information out of the way, story time.
Cut for rape/sexual assault triggery stuff )
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I did not go to bed until midnight last night. And yet I woke up at 7:30am. I do not approve of this :(

In other news, I was very excited yesterday, as I was supposed to go down to the Culpeper library and play Mouse Guard. I love RPGs, and haven't had a chance to play since... well, high school if you don't count the crappy D&D campaigns in college (I don't). I'd been looking forward to this all month! But yesterday I went at the time they said, to the place they said, and no one was there. I waited, understanding that sometimes people run late. Fifteen minutes. Thirty minutes. An hour... No one showed up.

I am still very upset about this.

I think there is a universal conspiracy against me ever getting to throw dice again. This makes me very sad. I want to game, but it's nearly impossible to find campaigns in this area that are a> Don't require me to drive an hour to get to, B> Are accepting new players, and C> Aren't D&D.

Nothing against D&D in general, I just had bad experiences with it in college, and while I do wish to play it, I only want to play with a known group please. And really, what I want to play are smaller games. Mouse Guard. Dogs in the Vineyard. Houses of the Blooded. Or Changeling the Lost.

But I suppose this is another issue with living out in the middle of fucking nowhere...


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