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Guess what! Signups for Yuletide are open!

I don't really write or read fanfic much anymore, but Yuletide manages to make me do both. For anyone who doesn't know, it's a fanfic exchange, based on rare/small fandoms. You can request 3-4 fandoms, and you have to offer at least 4 fandoms to write from (there's over 2000 to choose from). Once signups close there's some magic database-y stuff done, and you're matched with someone to write for, and someone's matched with you. But you don't know who, and that's the fun. Fic have to be a minimum of 1k, but that's not that long, I've found. Then they're uploaded, and you get your fic on Christmas day!

Authors aren't revealed until January 1 though, so it's a lot of fun reading and trying to figure who your author is and such.

I've loved it the past two years, and I'd love to encourage more folk to sign up this year! Sign ups run through Sunday

So what am I requesting you might ask? Well, I did say it was a rare fandom exchange...
Fake Cut to My Dear Writer Letter. Fandoms: Elisabeth, Romeo et Juliette, Silver Wolf

It is done

Nov. 30th, 2010 08:48 am
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With only minor cheesing to fill out my word count when the story ended shy of 50k, I seem to have won NaNoWriMo at 8:30am, November 30! Please to be admiring my wordcount bar:

50319 / 50000

Isn't it pretty? I am so damn proud of myself. I've been doing NaNo since 2003 and the closest I've ever come before was ~20k. But I stuck with it this year, dragged those words out of my brain and hit 50k. The story as it stands right now sucks. It needs massive rewriting before I even think of posting it anywhere, but I am shoving it away on my computer's hard drive and leaving it alone for at least a month. I think I've earned the break.

Besides, I have my Yuletide story and my Advent Calender fics to write in December. psst - still a lot of dates available on the Advent Calender. Anyone want me to write them fic?

I shall be over here, basking in my accomplishment.
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Okay, so my subject line needs a little explanation. I'm not quite sure how the tradition got started, but every time m'lady and I get new Takarazuka shows, we get Hungry Man frozen dinner and eat them while watching our new shiny.

So we're eating frozen meals tonight.

Because The Scarlet Pimpernel has arrived. Shiny new Pimpernel from Crescent Shop. Plus the AQUA5 CD. Just as soon as I pick it up from the post office. Which will be in about 45 min or so.

I am just a wee bit happy right now.

I'm hoping I can follow Pimpernel enough to eventually do a comic like I did for Elisabeth.
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The CD I ordered yesterday from Best Buy has shipped.

My Special Order CD has shipped.

My Special Order T4 CD has shipped!

I is going to have happy Rika/Saeko/Wataru/Kashi singing at me! Legit-ly!

I might be just a wee bit excited about this.


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