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Dear Colin Firth,

You're a wonderful actor and such. But sadly, you've been replaced as Mr Darcy in my head.

Terribly sorry, but I mean look at her!

Much love,

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So yea, that meme that be going around:

A Takarazuka meme of awesome )
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Since my last plan to get in shape sorta fizzled, I've been making myself go back to the full, three-days-a-week resistance training program m'lady and I did a few years ago and worked really well. And despite my body currently being in full-on 'I hate doing this so I'ma gonna ache all the time' I've been pretty good about keeping up with it so far. And perversely, I've found it gives me more energy and motivation for the day, and I'm not hitting that 3pm slump where I just want to nap. Which is good because 3pm's when I leave for work most days. I think I can feel myself getting stronger. Not sure how the weight loss is going, but I'm trying not to focus on that aspect.

I've also found that watching Takarazuka revue shows makes the whole routine far more enjoyable. Sparkles and feathers, FTW!

Today I worked out while watching Tarantella, which I think may currently be my favorite revue. Unsurprising, since it's the one attached to my favorite show and has a lot of my favorite 'siennes in it. I was struck, this watch-through by a couple of things.

1> Kimu is subtly amazing. Seriously, you can see in everything she does in the show that she doesn't just hope to become a top star, she knows she will. And she has, I think because she's a very, very deliberate actress, who knows how to make the best use out of Every Single Moment she's on stage. Seriously. She knows how to draw the eye, without upstaging others, which is amazing in and of itself. And the camera loves her.

2> I don't think Maachan sweats. Like, at all. I was watching the end, and there's Komu dripping with sweat, and Maachan, who honestly has been dancing just as hard looks as fresh as a daisy. Well, okay, she is breathing heavy by the end of the number, but that's about it.

3>The end is so beautifully bittersweet, as Komu looks back, and then turns away to walk the rest of the way up the stairs. It's also I think a nice touch that she passes Mizu coming down the stairs. Symbolic passing of the troupe?

Okay, that's enough random ramblings for now. As I do not have Maachan's amazing anti-sweat powers, it is time for my post-workout shower. Yay!
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Just one this time, so you don't get a cut. But since a couple people asked...

The Lady Oscar Pony!

Lady Oscar Pony by ~palmedfire on deviantART
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What, you thought I was done with the pony pictures? Ha! I have some more to subject you to!

But I will nicely put them under a cut in case you are offended by cute )

There will be a Mercutio pony eventually, but I need to find a better reference image for the pose I have in mind.


Feb. 26th, 2011 09:33 pm
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For those who aren't aware, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is possibly the greatest kids cartoon ever. No. Really. I mean it. The storytelling's actually pretty nuanced, and despite (or perhaps because) it's flash animated, it has a great visual look to it.

I mean seriously, aren't these the cutest things ever:

The ponies are also in a very imitable art style. And thus, being the type of person I am (read: rabid Takarazuka fangirl), I have been turning 'Zuka characters into ponies.

Cut for image dumpings )
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So anyone who talks Takarazuka with me for more than like five minutes lately quickly realizes I've become obsessed with Hoshigumi's Romeo and Juliet. I got the DVD off of eBay, and [personal profile] everchangingmuse and I bought the soundtrack as our anniversary present to each other. I've been listening to it almost nonstop, and it's made me realize something.

I really, really wish Yukigumi could have done it in Komu and Maachan's era. Not that I don't think the current Yukigumi production isn't probably amazing, I just really wish I could hear Maachan sing Juliet. And really, it would have fit so many people in that era. So, like any good fan, I've put together my dream casting:

Romeo: Asami Hikaru - No, she's not as strong a singer as Chie or Kimu, but I think she could pull it off, and really, who else could be Romeo to Maachan's Juliet?
Juliet: Makaze Rira - She would have been perfect for this role. Sweet and innocent yet determined and brave when she has to be...
Tybalt: Takashiro Kei - I've not seen a lot of Kashi, but I know she has the voice for Tybalt, and it fits right hierarchy-wise. The other option for her would be Benvolio but...
Benvolio: Sou Kazuho - I think her voice is in the right range, and I can really picture her playing well off of my castings for Romeo and Mercutio ;).
Mercutio: Otozuki Kei - Because who else should get to caper around and be the crazy-fun one?
The Nurse: Miho Keiko - The nurse has one of my favorite solo songs, and I think Keiko could be amazing at it.
Father Laurence: Mirai Yuki - Initially I'd thought of Hamako for the Prince, especially the opening number, but Father Laurence really has the better songs. And then she and Keiko would get that great duet in Act 2...
Lord Montague: Asuka Yuu - I think it'd be a good part for our kumichou ;)
Death: Ozuki Tooma - I think she'd look great as Death, and I'm pretty sure she could dance it well.
Love: Ouki Kaname - Okay, there's a little bit of wanting the irony of Teru as Love when she's played Tybalt. But in all honesty I think she'd look really good in this role.

So whatcha think? Any suggestions for the other roles?
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Well hello there, wonderful Yuletide Writer (and anyone else popping in to read my letter)!

First off, thank you. And no matter what, try not to stress about any of my requests, Yuletide is supposed to be fun! So since I suck at intro-type things, I'll just jump in to talking about my requests:

1. Elisabeth - Levay/Kunze Elisabeth, Rudolf
Really interested in anything dealing with the relationship between Elisabeth and Rudolf.

I'd really like to see something delving into the relationship between Rudolf and his mother, really at any point in their lives. We know Rudolf idolized his mother, but I'd love to see something digging in to his head on how that idolization affects his interactions, both with her and with other women in his life. Alternately, Elisabeth's thoughts on her son - yes, she was quite the absent mother, but she had to have had some interaction with him other than the few times mentioned/seen. Historically she hated Rudolf's wife - why? Did she have hopes and dreams for her only son or what he just another chain holding her down? And then there's the shadow of Der Tod's interest in both of them hanging over everything...

My only request is nothing too incest-y. Rudolf does seem to have a bit of an Oedipus complex in some versions, but I'd prefer it kept on the "Mom is the perfect woman" level rather than anything sexual.

Version-wise, I've only seen the Takarazuka versons (all seven ;)) but don't let that limit you. For reference, my favorite Elisabeths have been Shirahane Yuri, Hanafusa Mari (in '96 Yukigumi production, I'm not as bit a fan of her performance in the '98 Soragumi production), and Sena Jun. Favorite Rudolfs have been Ouki Kaname, Asami Hikaru, and Oozora Yuuhi. But again, don't let that limit you.

2. Takarazuka Revue RPF - Otozuki Kei, Shirahane Yuri
I love these two classmates, and have wonderful mental ideas of them being quite fun and silly with each other. Appearances by other Yukigumi folk are always welcome.

I'll be fair, I really, really wish you could pick a whole troupe as a character, because Yukigumi really owns my heart. So if you've offered any and want to ignore my character request to write about any of the Yukigumi 'siennes, please feel free! I love them all, but I'm most familiar with the troupe starting in roughly 2006 through the present.

Regarding Kimu & Tonami, I love them both, and would love to see a good friendship fic, maybe dealing with sillyness at rehersals? I can see Tonami as trying to be somewhat of a restraining influence on Kimu's crazyness or something like that. Or maybe in TMS together? Or really whatever as long as it's friendship-y and fun. Maybe some friendly teasing flirting, but nothing shippy please.

3. Robot Unicorn Attack - Any
Tongue-in-cheek existential angst please! Why must the unicorn run? Who create him (or her?)? Are the Fairies really there to help? And who put the damn stars in his/her path?

If you've been reading this letter confused as to what I'm talking about, you probably got matched here ;) I really have no further details than what I put in my sign up, because just the existence of Robot Unicorn Attack fic is going to make me happy. I'd like to be at least a little tongue in cheek because I'm not sure I could wrap my brain around a completely serious RUA fic, but feel free to prove me wrong!
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Stolen (shamelessly!) from [ profile] flower_ballet. I bring you -

the THE meme )
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Only one more day until mini-vacation/10 year high school reunion! This is going to be so fun! We're driving up to New Jersey on Thursday, going into New York City via train on Friday, doing reunion-type stuff on Saturday, and coming home on Sunday. I'm excited about getting to go into NYC. I haven't been back there in ages. We're going to try to get tickets to see a show, but I'm not sure what yet. It'll depend on what's up at the half-price booth. We're also definatly hitting up BookOff(for cheap manga), and Kinokunia (for a new A4 sized binder & any random Zuka stuff they might have). Then we'll probably wander a bit. I'm tempted to see if I can hunt down if Neutral Ground is still open, but it's probably in the opposite direction from everything else. And I don't really need more RPGs.

We still need to pack and I need to figure out what I'm wearing for reunion itself. I've got my nice green pants, and my white blouse & my blazer... Yea, that's probably what I'll go with. I want to look nice, 'cause I've not seen any of these people since I graduated. Sadly, I doubt the people from my class I'd actually want to see won't be there. But I'll have fun anyway doing the polite-talk thing with people and show off my lovely lady ;)

In other news, subbed today for a teacher who I'm pretty sure lets her kids walk all over her. They were quite a handful. I was drained by the time I got home. Stupid kids can't shut up and watch a movie! Part of me wants to land a job for tomorrow, the other part wants to recover! But I think I might get called in tomorrow. Call it a hunch.

Other other news. This weekend m'lady and I went to see the high school's production of "The Music Man". Once again I was blown away by what they were able to pull off. I mean, it was still high school theatre, but they're all very good. And oh their leading actor is a trip! Makes me sad that next year they're doing "Hairspray". Don't get me wrong, Hairspray's a fun show and all, but they just don't have the cast for it. The leading man from Music Man'll be a senior, and there's no good role for him in Hairspray. I don't think they have a girl who can do the main role, and who are they going to get for the mother?

M'lady and I had been joking that they should do "Scarlet Pimpernel". That they do have the cast for. I am really kinda disappointed that they won't.

And, in closing - FINALLY got the shipping charge from Crescent Shop. They have been paid, theoretically Datenshi + Yumiko's retirement stuff will ship out within the next day or so and we'll have it next week
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So, not having a sub job today, I decided to watch some Takarazuka. Which then led to the minor dilemma of 'what can I watch without m'lady getting too mad at me'. Decided on Susano-o in the end, also because it is short, thus allowing me to watch and still be able to be back on the computer in time to chat with m'lady at lunch.

It got me thinking. The plot of Susano-o deals a lot with Yamato having been plunged into darkness because Amaterasu has sealed herself away in a cave. In the mythology that the play's based on, she's tricked out of the cave by the sound of a huge party being thrown by Amenouzume and the other gods. Depending on the version of the myth, they're either just hoping the sound of the good time will lure Amaterasu out, or they're pretending to have found a new sun. Either way, she comes out of the cave and catches sight of her reflection in a mirror the other gods have conveniently placed right there and being a vain little thing decides to return to the world. Well, that and the fact that the other gods sealed the cave, but you get the point.

The interesting thing is, I'm pretty sure there's a Native American myth that is almost exactly the same, except the sun is male, and I think it's Raven who tricks the sun into coming out again. With clever use of a mirror.

And then, yesterday, I was subing for a history class, and the kids were watching a documentry on the Inca. Apparently Ican myth tells of a 'time of great darkness' out of which came the father of the sun who then brough the sun and warmth into the world. Since coming out of caves = birth is a pretty standard bit of symbolism, the parallels are interesting.

I know there is a lot of parallel mythology out there if you know where to look. It fascinates me, even though I know so very little about it. Seriously, why do schools never teach anything other that Greek & Roman mythology (okay, with a tiny sprinkle of Egyptian, maybe)?
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- Put your music player on shuffle, and put down the first 40 tracks it plays.
- You can repeat artists.
- You CANNOT repeat songs.

Music Meme )
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Oh, fine, since everyone else seems to be doing it...

I wish they'd had Ninetails. Then again, the art for the pokemon is... not so good, so maybe it is for the best.

Now, I shall go back to being in happy-land from watching Komu's sayonara DVD.
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Operation Acquire Heart Gold - Success!

Operation Acquire Heart Gold/Soul Silver strategy guide - Success!

Operation Name all my Pokemon after Takarisiennes - In Progress

No, seriously. I am a big enough dork that I'm nicknaming all of my pokemon in my game after Takarisiennes. My starter (Cyndaquil if you care), is nicknamed Tom, I've got a Sentret named Yuu, a Pidgey named Ayane-chan and a Caterpie named Ran. I'm trying to stick to otokoyaku for male pokemon & musumeyaku for female pokemon. The TakaWiki is my friend!

Yes, I am a huge, HUGE dork.
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So, I've now seen all seven Takarazuka productions of Elisabeth. This means I can make my favorites lists without worrying that I'll have to change things 'round when I see a new version. Unless they stage it again in 2011. Which I'm secretly hoping for, especially if it would mean a Chie!Tod.

Anyway, lists. These are lists of favorites, in order. Granted, I love all the Elisabeths, so being at the bottom or near the bottom of any of these lists does not indicate I do not like something/someone. Just that I like others better.

Good gods woman, stop chattering and give us the damn lists! )
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So, saw '96 Snow's Elisabeth tonight.

Maki is amazing. I must see more of her shows now!

Damn it [ profile] wottie, you were right. O-Hana is amazing in this. Far, far better than she is in '98. She doesn't leak as much. And amazing acting. Still like Tonami better vocally though.

I loved this show far more than I thought I would. I mean, I knew I'd love it, it's Elisabeth. I was not, however, prepared for how Maki would grab my soul and not let go for the entire performance. Seriously. I... don't really have words for it.

And Yuki... Why do actual men not look like you?

Just some incoherent ramblings... I might put my thoughts in better order later. Probably not.
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So I decided it was far past time that [personal profile] everchangingmuse and I made a master list of all the Takarazuka stuff we own. Hopefully this way I can avoid accidently buying the same issue of the Graph twice (again...). So yea. Have a Master List
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Okay, so my subject line needs a little explanation. I'm not quite sure how the tradition got started, but every time m'lady and I get new Takarazuka shows, we get Hungry Man frozen dinner and eat them while watching our new shiny.

So we're eating frozen meals tonight.

Because The Scarlet Pimpernel has arrived. Shiny new Pimpernel from Crescent Shop. Plus the AQUA5 CD. Just as soon as I pick it up from the post office. Which will be in about 45 min or so.

I am just a wee bit happy right now.

I'm hoping I can follow Pimpernel enough to eventually do a comic like I did for Elisabeth.
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Mizu is retiring.

This is not unexpected.

I am... sad yes, but not upset the way a lot of people are. Despite that fact that she was the first Takarazuka star I fell in love with, I'm not upset. She had a good run as top star from what I can tell, and I am very interested to see what she does in her post-Zuka career.

I do not get that upset when I find out a star, or any 'sienne is retiring. Which is apparently not typical for a Zuka fan. I know part of this for me is distance. I'm not in Japan. I don't get to go to the shows, don't even get to see the shows until months after they've closed, if at all. I'm not heavily into the fandom. I don't have the emotional investment a lot of fans do.

And part of it, I know is my background. I grew up backstage at Broadway shows. I know better than many exactly how demanding and rigorous even relatively minor roles can be. Most Broadway stars, especially women don't stay with a show for very long. Too vocally demanding. I'm use to seeing stars come and go. It is an accepted part of theatre for me. So when a Zuka star retires, I may be sad, but it's hard to be upset. It's what happens.

Please don't think I'm trying to belittle those who are emotionally invested, who do get upset when retirements are announced. I'm just trying to figure out why I don't. Part of me wishes I did.


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