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My apologies to those who've already seen this on Facebook and/or plurk, but I feel I must share.

Please look at this picture:

Please notice that book I am holding. Notice I am listed as one of the authors. :D

Yes, the copies of Torn Skies and Family Ties are in! No more preordering! So if it pleases you, my dear friends, feel free to buy a copy either direct from the webpage HERE or via Amazon HERE

I am still way too excited about this. I bought three copies and I keep wanting to pet them.
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...because if you can't promote yourself, who can?

Thus, I wish to make everyone aware that preorders are now available for this anthology:

One of those names on that list of contributors is ME!

Thus, you should totally go HERE and preorder yourself a copy. Or two. Or twelve ;) Preorders get the .pdf of the ebook version for free, and immediately! Come on, you know you want to!

Oh, you wanna know what it's about first? Well, the anthology is for the shared world project Torn World, a wonderful collaborative project with a definite steampunk, science fantasy vibe. This is the official blurb from the website:

In a world where time itself has been torn, family is more important than ever.

Explore concepts of kinship - by blood and by choice - in a setting that spans lush rainforests, monster-infested seas, wild valleys, and frozen mountains. Journey between the strictly licensed, steam-powered cities of the southern Empire and the small communal villages in the north that believe they are alone in the world. Meet the varied people and cultures who define family in so many different ways. Glimpse mysteries unique to the temporal structure of Torn World and search for answers to universal questions about belonging and relating.

And heck, if it looks interesting enough, you can even join and help all of us create and explore more of the world!

Or just buy the book. That'll make me happy too]
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Well, it's Friday, and since I don't work Fridays, I'm hoping I can get some stuff done. Though one of the major things I plan on doing today is finally let myself feel sick. I've been pushing through this cold all week to make it through work and such. Today I shall rest and drink lots of fluids and eat soups and stuff and hope I can get over it. Might even take a nap!

Other things I plan to do today:

Work on my story for Torn World with Lei and Dlashi. I'd like to get at least the rough draft finished, since I know I'm going to have to overhaul the beginning now that I have a better feel for the interactions between these two characters.

Sketch Fest! - Gonna indulge in some drawing. Probably going to be sketching horse-type critters, kelpies and such, but if you have ideas, feel free to prompt me either on this post or over at the Sketch Fest post, which I'll link once it goes up.

Hrmm. I had though there was more I was gonna do today, but it's slipped my mind. The story and the sketching should be enough though, right?


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