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To all my USA friends/readers/what have you, Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone else, Happy Thursday!

I have always thought Thanksgiving is an exceedingly stereotypical American holiday. I mean the basic premise of the holiday involves sitting down and eating a truly obscene amount of food. Oh, and spending time with one's family. Or avoiding them. And probably watching American football.

Someone in the #yuletide chatroom yesterday said Thanksgiving was "Christmas, except without presents". Which yea, just about sums it up.

No matter the purpose of the holiday however, I have it off of work, so I have a three day weekend! I could have gone down to my parents' house for the holiday, but they're having all of my mom's side of the family over, and I... decided to avoid the crazy. So, as we've done for the past three years, [personal profile] everchangingmuse and I are going out to a restaurant to get our requisite fill of turkey and all the trimmings. Then we'll come home for some tagging and/or movie watching. Not sure exactly what yet.

Ideally, Thanksgiving is about reflecting on the things in life you are thankful for, and while I'll admit to being cynical about those sorts of meaning having gotten lost in the rush of consumerism and all that, I think it is a very good thing to reflect on. So, without further babbling, the things I am thankful for:

My parents, whom I love, and who love and support me.

[personal profile] everchangingmuse, whom I love with all my heart, and who somehow loves me and has put up with me for these past 10+ years.

[ profile] flower_ballet, for being the most amazing little sister-of-my-heart as well as one of my best friends.

All my other amazing friends, both online and off, who share in, encourage, and/or put up with all my idiosyncrasies.

My job, which not only pays he bills, but I actually don't hate.

Select members of my coworkers who I not only don't hate, but who are actually pretty damn awesome.

Yuletide/#yuletide IRC chat for being the one month of the year when I remember how much fun writing fanfic is

My computer, which despite being almost 5 years old, still runs pretty dang good

And all those other little things that get overlooked. By me. Right not. But that I know I'm still thankful for.

So have a happy day, everyone, and USA-folk - try not to eat too much!
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First, a Public Service Announcement - I have two offers up on [ profile] help_japan. I am offering an amigurimu eevee HERE and a pony drawing HERE. Winning bidders donate to charity. So please bid?

On to the actual entry.

For those who don't know, I have very thick, very nice hair that I keep cut short-ish for ease of dealing with/work. I've had long hair in the past. In college it was down to my midback, and I use to regularly grow it out to roughly shoulder length. Then I realized how much easier it was to deal with when short, especially since working massage means I have to have it out of my face anyway.

So why am I mentioning this?

Well, last week I had two people at work comment about my hair. Now neither of the people are people who's opinions I care much about (there's a big rant coming about one of them soon), but I still found the comments annoying. Basically because both people said "Oh, you would look so pretty if you grew your hair out!", with the very heavy implication that it would make me look more 'feminine'. This needless to say annoyed me quite a bit. And sadly, even though I know I should just ignore them and move on, sadly has continued to annoy me in the back of my mind. Because really, it's neither of these women's business if I look 'feminine' or not. I know it came up because I am due for a hair cut, and my hair's grown out to the point that its a little shaggy, but I'm not sure why it's convinced either of them (neither of whom have ever seen me with long hair) that I should grow it out.

Feh, I could shave my head and I'd still look like a girl. I can't pass as male, even if I wanted to. My hair length or lack there of doesn't make a difference. And even if it did, it's no one's business but mine (and maybe m'lady's) what I choose to look like.


That said, I am due for a haircut, probably this weekend. And completely unrelated to the idiots' comments, I have been debating getting it cut even shorter than usual so I can do the spiky thing with it. I'm just not sure it'd look good on me, and I'm not sure how to tell. I'm probably thinking way too much about this. After all, if it doesn't look good, it'll always grow out, right?
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10466 / 50000

Still on track. Decided to watch Zorro instead of getting ahead on my word count, but the first really big important scene is done - the scene where my MC Impresses her dragons and throws everything in to chaos. Next few scenes are going to be fun in the 'dropping mountains on people' version of fun.

Only worry is that tomorrow is the day I work Noon-6pm which has been prime writing hours. Then again, daylight savings time ends tonight (Turn your clocks back!) so I might have a client no-show due to the time thing. We'll see.
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*sigh* As if work stress needed to get any worse, my hours have been cut down to 16. 16 hours a week at $12.50. I'll pull in a net salary of $200 a week. I can't do that. I can't live on that.

I understand why my hours were cut. I'm not mad per se, just so very very frustrated.

Also, they want me to bring in more massage patients, and schedual them in the afternoons. The good thing is, I'd make more money per hour doing massage. Bad news? How the hell does one find clients? I suck at marketing, and I don't live near the office (I'm commuting an hour each way), so it's not like I know local folk. And because I live so far away, I'm not going to want to have to hang around in the area for say a 4pm massage when I get done with other work at 1pm.

I can't do this. I need another job.

In better news, I finally got mediafire to work, so if anyone's curious as to how my Elisabeth compolation CD turned out, you can download it HERE


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