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The weather is beautiful out today. Maybe a little overcast, but without the damned oppressive humidity we've had this past week. I've got all the windows and the patio door open. Probably annoying neighbors with my epic RomiJuli playlist.

Speaking of RomiJuli, I have decided that this man is my husband and should be the father of my children:

I have no logical reason for this, except he's gorgeous and i love his voice. And [personal profile] everchangingmuse approves, so... Now I just need to learn French ;)

In other news, I've discovered a love for men's ribbed tank tops (aka 'wifebeaters'). They're perfect for wearing under my work shirts and for lazing about the house in. Like I'm doing right now. They're also good for wearing while working out. Which is good, because I really am trying to exercise more/get in shape. My parents bought me a Wii Fit for my birthday. My birthday's actually tomorrow, but I opened it today anyway and hooked it up and everything. It's actually quite fun, though my balance sucks, which I knew, and my rhythm is all over the place. So there are a lot of games that are more frustrating than they've worth. But I like the running, strangely enough, and the biking. It's fun, and hopefully it'll help. Even if it did make my mii all chubby :( :(

Well, I've got friends coming up tonight for birthday-weekend fun, so I've got chili in the slow-cooker and I'll get some beer bread in the oven in a bit. I hope this weekend will be as much fun as it looks to be!
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Since my last plan to get in shape sorta fizzled, I've been making myself go back to the full, three-days-a-week resistance training program m'lady and I did a few years ago and worked really well. And despite my body currently being in full-on 'I hate doing this so I'ma gonna ache all the time' I've been pretty good about keeping up with it so far. And perversely, I've found it gives me more energy and motivation for the day, and I'm not hitting that 3pm slump where I just want to nap. Which is good because 3pm's when I leave for work most days. I think I can feel myself getting stronger. Not sure how the weight loss is going, but I'm trying not to focus on that aspect.

I've also found that watching Takarazuka revue shows makes the whole routine far more enjoyable. Sparkles and feathers, FTW!

Today I worked out while watching Tarantella, which I think may currently be my favorite revue. Unsurprising, since it's the one attached to my favorite show and has a lot of my favorite 'siennes in it. I was struck, this watch-through by a couple of things.

1> Kimu is subtly amazing. Seriously, you can see in everything she does in the show that she doesn't just hope to become a top star, she knows she will. And she has, I think because she's a very, very deliberate actress, who knows how to make the best use out of Every Single Moment she's on stage. Seriously. She knows how to draw the eye, without upstaging others, which is amazing in and of itself. And the camera loves her.

2> I don't think Maachan sweats. Like, at all. I was watching the end, and there's Komu dripping with sweat, and Maachan, who honestly has been dancing just as hard looks as fresh as a daisy. Well, okay, she is breathing heavy by the end of the number, but that's about it.

3>The end is so beautifully bittersweet, as Komu looks back, and then turns away to walk the rest of the way up the stairs. It's also I think a nice touch that she passes Mizu coming down the stairs. Symbolic passing of the troupe?

Okay, that's enough random ramblings for now. As I do not have Maachan's amazing anti-sweat powers, it is time for my post-workout shower. Yay!


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