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So anyone who talks Takarazuka with me for more than like five minutes lately quickly realizes I've become obsessed with Hoshigumi's Romeo and Juliet. I got the DVD off of eBay, and [personal profile] everchangingmuse and I bought the soundtrack as our anniversary present to each other. I've been listening to it almost nonstop, and it's made me realize something.

I really, really wish Yukigumi could have done it in Komu and Maachan's era. Not that I don't think the current Yukigumi production isn't probably amazing, I just really wish I could hear Maachan sing Juliet. And really, it would have fit so many people in that era. So, like any good fan, I've put together my dream casting:

Romeo: Asami Hikaru - No, she's not as strong a singer as Chie or Kimu, but I think she could pull it off, and really, who else could be Romeo to Maachan's Juliet?
Juliet: Makaze Rira - She would have been perfect for this role. Sweet and innocent yet determined and brave when she has to be...
Tybalt: Takashiro Kei - I've not seen a lot of Kashi, but I know she has the voice for Tybalt, and it fits right hierarchy-wise. The other option for her would be Benvolio but...
Benvolio: Sou Kazuho - I think her voice is in the right range, and I can really picture her playing well off of my castings for Romeo and Mercutio ;).
Mercutio: Otozuki Kei - Because who else should get to caper around and be the crazy-fun one?
The Nurse: Miho Keiko - The nurse has one of my favorite solo songs, and I think Keiko could be amazing at it.
Father Laurence: Mirai Yuki - Initially I'd thought of Hamako for the Prince, especially the opening number, but Father Laurence really has the better songs. And then she and Keiko would get that great duet in Act 2...
Lord Montague: Asuka Yuu - I think it'd be a good part for our kumichou ;)
Death: Ozuki Tooma - I think she'd look great as Death, and I'm pretty sure she could dance it well.
Love: Ouki Kaname - Okay, there's a little bit of wanting the irony of Teru as Love when she's played Tybalt. But in all honesty I think she'd look really good in this role.

So whatcha think? Any suggestions for the other roles?
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So, saw '96 Snow's Elisabeth tonight.

Maki is amazing. I must see more of her shows now!

Damn it [ profile] wottie, you were right. O-Hana is amazing in this. Far, far better than she is in '98. She doesn't leak as much. And amazing acting. Still like Tonami better vocally though.

I loved this show far more than I thought I would. I mean, I knew I'd love it, it's Elisabeth. I was not, however, prepared for how Maki would grab my soul and not let go for the entire performance. Seriously. I... don't really have words for it.

And Yuki... Why do actual men not look like you?

Just some incoherent ramblings... I might put my thoughts in better order later. Probably not.


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