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Dear Absolutely Amazing Yuletide Writer!

Guess what? Just the fact that you got matched with me and my amazing obscure musical tastes means you're super awesome and I'm going to love what you write. No, seriously. So please, have fun with whatever you write.

As a general rule, I like character focused fic - things that delve into a character's mindset behind their canon actions, or their reactions to canon events. I don't shy away from darker themes, which is probably good considering some of my canons. The only things I'd say definitely stay away from are incest and non-con/rape (though dub-con may be all right, see my prompt for Romeo et Juliette). Other that that, go wild! Have fun! Write words!

Now, on to me babbling a bit more about my prompts

1. Elisabeth - Levay/Kunze Characters: Elisabeth, Rudolf

I'd really like to see something delving into the relationship between Rudolf and his mother, really at any point in their lives. We know Rudolf idolized his mother, but I'd love to see something digging in to his head on how that idolization affects his interactions, both with her and with other women in his life. Alternately, Elisabeth's thoughts on her son - yes, she was quite the absent mother, but she had to have had some interaction with him other than the few times mentioned/seen. Historically she hated Rudolf's wife - why? Did she have hopes and dreams for her only son or was he just another chain holding her down? And then there's the shadow of Der Tod's interest in both of them hanging over everything...

My only request is nothing too incest-y. Rudolf does seem to have a bit of an Oedipus complex in some versions, but I'd prefer it kept on the "Mom is the perfect woman" level rather than anything sexual.

Version-wise, I've only seen the Takarazuka versons (all seven ;)) but don't let that limit you. For reference, my favorite Elisabeths have been Shirahane Yuri, Hanafusa Mari (in '96 Yukigumi production, I'm not as bit a fan of her performance in the '98 Soragumi production), and Sena Jun. Favorite Rudolfs have been Ouki Kaname, Asami Hikaru, and Oozora Yuuhi. But again, don't let that limit you.

2. Romeo et Juliette - Presgurvic Characters: Benvolio

I come to this musical via the 2010 Star Troupe production done by the Takarazuka Revue, and that really is my favorite version. I've seen the French production (and love it), and the 2011 Snow Troupe production (and have mixed feelings), and I've seen about halfway through the Hungarian. Really, I just love this show, all over. It gave me a whole new appreciation for what had been one of my least favorite Shakespeare plays. And the music! Oh gods how I love the music!

Right. You're probably wondering about my prompt. The short-short version is give me Benvolio and I'll be happy. He's always been my favorite character, and the musical only adds to that. What I'd love more than anything would be some Tybalt/Benvolio FoeYay. I realize the justification isn't there is some(most?) productions, so I offer this link to the opening number from the Star Troupe which is where I get my shippy ideas from:
If you go this route you can get as explicit (or not) as you wish. I realize the nature of the relationship might lead things to being somewhat dubious consent, and that's okay, as long everyone does get into it at some point.

If you don't want to go that route, that's awesome too. I'd be very interested in something post musical with Benvolio reacting/dealing with the fact that he's one of the only ones left alive. Or something pre-musical with him hanging with Romeo & Mercutio if you don't want to go the angst route. Really, if Benvolio's in it, I'm going to love the fic.

Silver Wolf/Gin no Okami Characters: Any

If you got matched on this, there's a high chance I know who you are and you should know I'll love anything you write. If I don't know who you are, I'm going to love you as well because you know this extremely obscure Takarazuka musical and are going to write me fic about it! I'm really only familiar with the 2005 production but don't let that limit you.

At the risk of being exceedingly vague on what I want, I love all the characters in this show. I have a small bias for Ray, as I have RP'd him in the past. His backstory is essentially a blank slate and anything filling in some of his history would be fun. How he survived after his father was killed, how he became an assassin, the early years working with Batista and/or Silver... Anything really. But really, write anything and I'll think you're amazing.
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