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Dear Awesome Yuletide Writer!

I am so excited you've going to write me a fic this year! I am sure it'll be wonderful. Optional details are optional of course, and with any of these fandoms I know I'm going to be thrilled with any fic, so have fun.

So. More details about my requests:

RomeĆ³ et Juliette
Benvolio Montague

Words can not express how much I love Benvolio. He was my favorite character when I read the original play, and the musical has only made me love him more.

I would love, love, love some pre musical Benvolio/Tybalt stuff, as slashy or not as you see fit. More details about this in my letter.

Otherwise, anything is good, especially post-musical fic. Again, more details in the letter.

It is important to point out right away that I am mainly familiar with the 2010 and the 2011 Takarazuka productions, as well as the Korean tour of the original French production. But if you're coming from a different version, don't worry! I'm going to love anything about Benvolio. That said, on to my attempts at prompts.

Tybalt/Benvolio is my favorite hateship ever. Most of my personal justification for this being a hateship and not just plain hatred comes from the 2010 Takarazuka production, especially the first scene, which I conveniently have a link to: Complete with English subtitles!. Tybalt & Benvolio (and Mercutio) enter at around 3:45. Even if you don't want to go shippy with it, I'd love to see something pre-musical dealing with the bad blood between these two. If you do want to go shippy, feel free to get as explicit or not as you wish.

If you don't want to deal with Tybalt at all, that's fine as well. As I said in my prompt, I'd love something post-musical with Benvolio having to deal with the fact that his best friends (and best enemy) are dead. How does he deal with losing them all so close together? Is he now the de facto heir to the Montague family? What's the fallout from the two families reconciling? How does Benvolio feel about that? If you want to get dark & depressing with this, I'm cool with that idea. I'd rather not see Benvolio die, either by his hand or others, as I find greater tragedy in him having to live with everything.

Ocean's Eleven (musical)

I didn't even know I wanted fic for this until I saw someone else (dybji, I'm looking at you) talking about nominating it. That said, I don't have any real preferences here. I will love anything you write.

More details & me rambling about potential prompts in my letter.

Because I didn't even really know I wanted this until just recently, I don't really know what I want. But I love character focused vignettes, and all of the characters have intriguing backstories I'd love to see explored. I've... not actually seen either version of the movie, and my Japanese is scan enough that I've only got a rough idea of a lot of the characters. So consider that freedom. Write them as they are, as you wish they were or as they could be, I'll still like it. I don't need anything exceptionally plotty - slice of life character pieces are just fine by me, so have fun!

The only thing I absolutely do not want is anything 'redeeming' Benedict. I like him as an out-and-out villan.

Prompt wise... Well, when I first saw this mentioned, it was with the prompt "The Ten Times Rusty Tried To Tell Danny He Loved Him And The One Time Danny Did", which has kind of lodged itself into my brain as something I'd love to read. I'd also love to read anything about Diana - I've been told she was added to the plot mainly for Shirahana Remi, and I think she's an absolutely amazing character.

Sorry I can't offer anything more specific :(

Changeling: The Lost
Changeling the Lost is hands down my favorite of any of White Wolf's game lines. I'm a big fan of the fragile beauty of the changeling's world, the idea that they've endured horrible things, but they're still alive, and they *escaped* and thus there's hope. I'm pretty open about this fandom in terms of what I want as long as that hope is still there.

As usual, more details/ramblings in my letter

With Changeling I've always loved the idea that because of everything they've experienced, they truly understand the wonder and beauty of the everyday experiences that normal people take for granted. I'd love to see a fic that explores that, especially the dealing with the fact that changelings are different now, and nothing is ever the same. But like I said, I do want hope. They've lost their old life, but there's a possibility for a new one.

I'm partial to the Fairest and Beast Seemings as a general rule, and more a fan of the Spring and Winter Courts than the Summer or Fall, but that's a general guideline, not a hard and fast rule.
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