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I am being constantly amazed by the people over at help_haiti. The outpouring of talent. The outpouring of money being offered up.

The deal is people offer stuff. Fic, art, graphics, random stuff... And they set a starting bid. Then people bid on it. Auctions end at noon (EST) on Jan 20th. Winners then donate the money to one of the listed charities (things like Red Cross, Doctors w/o Borders, etc). They show proof of donation and they get stuff.

I'm offering up a knitted teddy bear HERE if anyone's interested. And hey, Takarazuka fen on my flist - I'm pretty sure I could also do a 'Zuka-esqu tail-coat. Y'know, if anyone wanted to bid. Just saying.

I think it's a wonderful idea, and if even half the transactions go through, there's going to be a ton of money raised.
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Well, this is one of the jokes I've been meaning to make up since I got Soragumi's Elisabeth

Comic Life + Takarazuka = a match made in heaven )

The only other joke I have left to make a panel for is from Hoshigumi, and I still don't have that on DVD. *sad face*
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So I accidentally deleted pages 11-15 of my comic, and had to recreate them. Fortunatly I had the copies I'd uploaded, but I did remake them and revise some wording. So here y'go.

Comic Life Elisabeth, Part 4, REVISED )
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Edit-Accidentally deleted these pages. Revised them and reuploaded. See new entry.

Okay, this is the last part I'll be able to post without making more screencaps. So as much as I know y'all love these, I warn I might not be able to get a new section up until Monday or so. Content yourself with -

Comic Life Elisabeth, part 4 Language warning, large images )
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Yea, didn't get much novel writing done last night, can you tell? But I do has more Elisabeth

Pages 11-15 Still huge images, still has language warning )
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Well, since y'all asked so nicely, have more Comic Life!Elisabeth

Pages 6-10 Large Images, language warning )
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Well, instead of working on my novel last night, I started a project that's been bouncing around in my head for a bit. Thus, I present to you Elisabeth, a parody comic

At least the first five pages - Warning, LARGE images )

Obligitory disclaimer, I own nothing etc, etc. Screencaps are from my DVD of the Tokyo production of Tsukigumi's 2005 production. Also, credit to [personal profile] everchangingmuse for inspiration/help with dialog.


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