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For a long time now I've been saying I need to lose weight/get in shape. I currently weigh in at over 200 lb, though that's been dropping slowly since I started work. I carry my weight well, so most people don't think I look 'fat'. And I don't, especially compared to some people. But I need to drop some weight for health purposes, and I would really, really like to be more toned. Thankfully massage has been doing wonders for both my arm and leg tone, it's been my belly that's been the biggest issue.

Because the easiest way to tone that area is crunches. And I hate doing crunches.

Yesterday, I came up with an odd solution. See, as an Xmas present to myself I bought World of Warcraft + Burning Crusade and made an account. And I've been having a ton of fun with it, though it's definitely a dangerous time sink. So I came up with a solution to limit my time playing and help myself tone my belly.

See, I have three characters currently. All around the same level, though it shifts depending on my mood. Three characters, all currently between level 15 and level 20.

Once a day before work, I will do three sets of crunches, one for each character. The number of crunches in the set equals the level of the particular character. Thus, playing too long means more crunches. Crunches must be done even if I don't play however. We shall see how this goes.

For interested parties and my own records, here's the current roster:
Otokoyaku (shut up it's not an RP sever, I can have the name if I like ;) ) - Level 17 tauren druid

Kirin Tor
Ivaria - Level 20 draenei paladin
Asami - Level 14 blood elf hunter

So today it was a set of 20, 17 and 14.


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