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So, since NaNoWriMo tends not to work out with everything else that goes on that month, I'm doing a WriMo this month with a bunch of folks over on Livejournal. To keep myself honest, I'm posting my work in progress here.

Current Word Count - 1,944. On Track! Woot!

The deep tolling of the Royal Death bell echoed over the city of Norona )
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Well, my post yesterday for ArtSlam was some sketches of the non-human species I'm working on for my world building project. They're called kundi, and drawing them inspired me to actually get around to writing up at least some of the information I've had bouncing around in my head about them. So, here y'go:

The kundi )


May. 28th, 2009 09:13 am
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Since nothing makes me work better than a challenge, I've signed up for [ profile] artslam. The challenge is to create some sort of art related to a concept (chosen by participant) every day for 1, 2, or 3 months, starting in June

I'm doing it for two month (June and July). I'd do all three, but I'm going to make a novel attempt in August, and I don't want to be splitting my already fractured attention.

I will be working on art related to the world I'll be using for that novel attempt, and I plan on also doing some writing regarding my world. Both art and writing will be posted to this Dreamwidth journal.
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Well, I've decided that my Dreamwidth account will replace [profile] palm_the_fire. I think there were only three people friended/reading that, and y'all should see this post as well, but I'll copy-paste this notice there too. Within a week or so I'm hoping to import all the fic stuff from there over to this journal, and then I'll be deleting that journal. I don't like having journals I'm not using.

In case you can't tell, I'm crossposting this from Dreamwidth. I love this feature!

As I mentioned in my last LJ post, this journal will be used for creative pursuits, mostly writing, but hopefully some art as well when/if I can beat my scanner into working. So if you don't want to read/see those kindsa posts cluttering your friends page, let me know and I'll set up a filtering system. Don't worry, I wont take it personally.

That said, let me open this journal with some creative stuffs!

World Building and Prophecy )


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